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Spire GT-3 Build December 21, 2013
Spire GT-3 Project Build     Having been involved in quite a lot of track days over th... [MORE]

Spire GT-R Build December 19, 2013
Spire GT-R Build     Colin says" I researched what to build for a long time and have considered both seven style cars and even a C... [MORE]

Spire GT-R Build December 31, 2010
Spire GT-R Build     Kev says............"This web site is a light hearted attempt to take you through the build and the laughs and tea... [MORE]

Spire GT-R Audi Diesel Endurance Race Build March 29, 2010
Tomas building in Lithuania documents constructing a Diesel Audi engine and transaxle based car for endurance competition racing... [MORE]

Spire GT-R aus Deutschland January 07, 2010
Spire GT-R aus Deutschland Spire GT-R from Germany         Wir freuen uns, Robert Owsianny aus Deuts... [MORE]

Spire GT-R Build January 06, 2010
It just goes to show you can build an IVA Spire GT-R in a single garage.          Chassis and panelling. ... [MORE]

Spire GT-R Build January 05, 2010
Spire GT-R  Build Up     A work in progress case history of Chris's car through to IVA. An excellent website.    &... [MORE]

Spire GT-R Engine Swap January 03, 2010
Engine Replacement    The engine was due for change but a fault at Donnington saw it out. The engine was an Audi 80 and transaxle g... [MORE]

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