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Spire GT-R Road and Track Car
Spire GT-3 Full Race Car
                                                                                                                                                                  Shown above Spire GT-3 
Manufacturer :       Spire Sports Cars
Website :                www.spiresportscars.co.uk
Locaction:              Alfreton, Derby
Contact:                 01773 874 694
Proprietor:             Paul Nightingale
Type:                      Light weight LM Style
IVA :                       Yes
Acitve in:                Road, Trackday, Race, Hill Climb
Specification:        GT-R Road / Track or GT-3 Race specification chassis and body
Shown:                   Spire GT-R road / track and Spire GT-3 race cars.
Specification Spire GT-R
Engine + Gearbox:  Kawasaki , Honda, Hayabusa
                                         Sierra Differential, Elite Reversing Differential or chain driven.
                                         Audi 80/A4 + Audi Transaxle gearbox
                                         Audi TT + Audi Transaxle gearbox
                                         Duratec + Audi Transaxle gearbox
                                         Zetec + Audi Transaxle gearbox
                                         Renault 21 Turbo
Weight : 450kg to 750kg depending on engine and body spec.
Distribution: typical rear/front.  50 / 50 - bike engine, 65R / 35F - car engine
Chassis: Square section tube space frame panelled in aluminium.
Chassis Stiffness: Excellent
Body: Three section body panels made of GRP. Light weight option.
Dimensions: Length 3.7m, width 1.6m, height 1.05m (top of rear canopy) height to rear of cockpit 0.73m. Engine bay internals - width 1.1m narrows to 0.95m -height 0.6m reducing to 0.375m. Ground clearance variable according to preference but approximately 90 - 100mm. Wheel base track -  width 1.6m, length 2.5m.
Suspension: Double wishbone fully independent all round, coil over dampers
Suspension Tuning: Fully adjustable front and rear camber, rose jointed. Front Caster adjustment. Race specification upgrade.
Tyres:  195/50 R15 base to 235/50 R15.
Gear Shift: Audi / Toyota MR2  mechanism for car engine,  Rod linkage or cable for bike engines.
Gear Shift position: Centre console - car, LHS or RHS as preferred - bike.
Paddle shift: Yes on sequential gearboxes
Differential: Sierra or chain ATB for bike engine.
Reverse: Optional on bike engine
Brakes : Standard spec. Sierra front and rear. Upgrade to 283mm dia on 15" wheels.
Hubs: Sierra standard front and rear.
Steering : Escort 2.9 or 2.4 quick rack
Top Speed: 120 - 160 mph depending upon engine and final drive.
Sprint: approx 3.5 - 4 seconds to 60 for Kawasaki ZX12
Build time:  approx 200 - 300 hours depending on factors such as if self painted.
Build:  Honda CBR1000, Kawasaki ZX12 and Audi 1.8T or 2.0T are the standard base engine units and a chassis will be manufacutured to suit the engine choice. Other engine and gearbox choices may require extra modifications, check with Paul at Spire Sports Cars. A little mechanical aptitude is required in building this hand built car but probably no more than than cars of a similar type. Specialists available to help if needed.
General comment: Wide body aerodynamic design makes even the smallest of engines fun to drive. The Spire GT-R has a long wheel base design which provides forgiving and controllable cornering for novice or experienced driver alike. Its low weight and good distribution results in exceptional acceleration, braking and cornering. This make of car is superb value for money for anyone wishing a track or road car of this type.
Specification Spire GT-3 
Engine + Gearbox: Honda CBR1000 chain driven.
 Weight : 450kg - 550kg
Chassis: Round Tube space frame.
Chassis Stiffness: Excellent
Body: Light weight GRP.
Contact the Spire Works for further detailed specifications.

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